Emergency Exclusion


    A.    Emergency Exclusion.

            1.    Grounds. Any student may be excluded from school in the following circumstances:

                    a.    Disease. If the student has a dangerous communicable disease transmittable through normal school contacts and poses an 
                           imminent threat to the health or safety of the school community.

                    b.    Conduct. If the student’s conduct presents a clear threat to the physical safety of the student or others, or is extremely             
                           disruptive, making temporary removal necessary to preserve the rights of other students to receive an education.

            2.     Use for Health or Safety Matters. Do Not Use Emergency Exclusion to Suspend Disciplined Students until a Student Discipline 
                    HearingContact the Director of Student Services if you have questions on this issue. 
    B.    Procedures for Emergency Exclusion and Duration.

            1.    General. Emergency exclusions are to be based on a clear factual situation warranting it and should not last longer than is necessary to 
                   avoid the danger described above.

                    a.    When initially assigning emergency exclusion, always exclude the student five (5) school days or less; if additional time is 
                           needed to eliminate the danger, consult the Director of Student Services to determine if additional exclusion 
                           time is warranted.

            2.    Emergency Exclusion for Five (5) School Days or Less.

                    a.    The same procedures for short-term suspension apply to emergency exclusion if such exclusion is for five (5) school days or less.

                    b.    The Notice of Emergency Exclusion: Five (5) School Days or Less is completed.

            3.    Emergency Exclusion for Over Five (5) School Days. If the emergency exclusion 
should extend beyond five (5) school days, the                                    following procedural requirements apply: 

                    a.    Timing of Hearing/Final Determination. A hearing must be held and a final determination made within ten (10) school days 
                           after the initial date of exclusion.

                    b.    Procedural Safeguards.  The hearing must substantially comply with the hearing rights accorded students subject to long-term 
                           suspension, mandatory reassignment, or expulsion. 

                    c.    Special Provision for Head Lice.  If a student has live head lice, the student will be excluded pursuant to the emergency exclusion