Procedures for Short Term Suspension

II.    Short-Term Suspension Procedures

    A.      Definition:

                A “short-term suspension” is when a student is excluded from school five (5) school days or less.

    B.    Procedures Required Prior to assigning a Short-Term Suspension.

            1.    Prior to assigning a short-term suspension, the 
administrator must complete the following two (2) steps:

                    a.       Complete an investigation of the alleged violation of the student discipline code or school policy.

                    b.       Determine if the student violated the student code of conduct and the appropriate length of the consequence.

            2.    Special Education Consideration

                    If an accumulation of short-term and long-term suspensions exceeds more than ten (10) school days during an academic school         
                    year, a manifestation determination for each suspension that exceeds ten (10) school days must be held. Contact the appropriate 
                    Special Education Case Manager or Coordinator.

    C.    Procedures Required After Assigning a Short-Term Suspension

            1.    Required Parent/Guardian Contact

                    a.    The administrator shall make immediate contact with the parent/guardian to inform them of an immediate suspension.

                    b.    The parent/guardian shall be requested to come to the school to pick up the student.

                    c.    If the parent/guardian cannot come to the school, the student shall remain in the office for the remainder of the school day or until
                           the parent/guardian arrives.

                    d.    The administrator must make a reasonable effort to hold a conference with the parent(s) or guardian(s) before or at the time the
                           student returns to school. (This requirement is addressed in the Notice of Short-Term Suspension form.)

                    e.    Complete all relevant documentation in the district's student information system. 

            2.    Provide written notice to parent(s) or guardian(s) within twenty-four (24) hours. Within the twenty-four (24) hours, the principal must
                   provide a written statement to the student and the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) describing:

                    a.    The student's misconduct or violation of the student discipline code or school policy.

                    b.    The reason(s) for the disciplinary action taken.

            3.    Provide the student and the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) the following:

                    a.    Notice of Short-Term Suspension; and

                    b.    The District document entitled “Student Rights Regarding Suspension, Expulsion or Mandatory Reassignment”.

            4.    The form must be delivered in one of the following two (2) ways:

                    a.    Regular mail; or

                    b.    Personal delivery (written receipt required).
            5.    The administrator shall inform building front office/security staff of the name of the suspended student, the duration of the suspension, 
                    and  provide a picture of the student.

    D.      Opportunity to Complete Class Work

                1.     All suspended students may be given an opportunity to complete any class work missed during the period of suspension including, 
                        but not limited to, examinations. 

                2.    The District's Guidelines for Make-up Work are included on the Notice of Short-Term Suspension form.

    E.    Short-Term Suspension Extending Beyond One (1) Semester

              1.   If there are insufficient school days in the first semester to complete the suspension period, the suspension period will be carried over 
                    to the second semester.

     F.    Attendance Coding for Short Term Suspension

               1.    Students who are short term suspended, who receive school work during the time of suspension, shall be marked as suspended with 
                      services (SWS) in the student information system.