Reporting of Bullying

Any student who believes that they are being bullied, has witnessed an act of bullying, or has knowledge of any incidents involving acts of bullying are strongly encouraged to report the incidents to a school official. 

Upon receiving a written or oral notification of bullying, the site administrator will investigate the matter to determine how to best resolve the issue promptly and appropriately. Issues such as the age of the children, developmental stage, and safety concerns shall be taken into consideration in addressing and resolving complaints of bullying. While not all reports may meet the legal definition of bullying, any incident of inappropriate behavior is dealt with promptly and deliberately. Incidents of bullying may be documented 

For anonymous reports of bullying, please call the MPS Safe School Hotline at 1-888-809-4754. 

A student who believes that they are being harassed or discriminated against at school or at school activities should immediately bring the matter to the attention of the building administrator or school staff.