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Online Registration FAQ's

What is the difference between Registration and Enrollment?
  • Registration: Demographic information and intention of coming to Millard Public School. Parents register their students.
  • Enrollment: School assignment, class scheduling, fee payment. Completed after parents register their student. Millard Public School Employees enroll students.
What is Online Registration?
  • The Online Registration (OLR) process uses an electronic system (computers) in which parents input/change demographic information for ALL of their students (elementary, secondary, etc.) at one time. This will work in a slightly different way for new and returning students. New families will link to a system that not tied to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and Existing families will use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal for updates. 
When is Online Registration going to be available?
  • January 17th for new kindergarten students and new students (K-12) to Millard Public Schools.
  • May for all new and returning students.
I have a question about the school path for my family. 

The new boundaries approved by the Board of Education in December 2013 and went into effect August 1, 2014. In order to find the path for your family, find each child's grade level for the 2016-17 school year on the chart by clicking HERE

What documents will MPS accept at proof of residency?
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
What documents are NOT considered proof of residency?

Examples of documents that are not considered proof of residency.
      • Medical Bills
      • Cable Bills
      • Drivers License
      • Bank Statements
      • Credit Card Statements
      • DMV Documents

Who do I contact if I have problems accessing my parent portal?
I live in Millard Public Schools, how do I  apply for for an Within District Transfer?
  • To request a Within District Transfer, please click HERE to download the form. Please complete the form and return it to the Office of Student Services by February 15.
I do not live in Millard Public Schools how do I apply for Option Enrollment?
  • Contact the Office of Student Services (402) 715-8300.