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1. Traditional Preschool Application

Students may apply for participation in the District’s preschool program if the following qualifications are met:

  • Millard residency – At least one parent residing in the Millard Public School District
  • Child must be 4 years of age on or before July 31st of the year they enter Preschool

Applications Open for Traditional Preschool:  

Parents may submit application(s) to the Office of Early Childhood Education after September 15­th of the year preceding the school year in which the enrollment is to begin.

Applications Deadline for Traditional Preschool:  

February 15th of the preceding school year. Applications received after February 15th will be reviewed and placed if space is available.

Approval Process:  

If applications for a specific building or program exceed capacity, a random drawing in the preferred order outlined below will determine which applications are approved.


Order of Approval

    1. Qualified children in the school attendance area.
    2. Qualified siblings of children enrolled in the building or program.
    3. Qualified children from elsewhere within the District.

Traditional Preschool Notification to Parents: 

District will notify the parents of the approval or denial of their child’s request on or before March 1st of the preceding school year. The parent shall accept such assignment in writing by completing the District’s enrollment process for the child on or before March 15th of the preceding school year. If the child’s enrollment is not completed by this date, the slot will be given to another child.

Transportation for Traditional Preschool: 

Provided by the student's parents or legal guardian unless otherwise required by law.

2.  Priority Enrollment

        Title I – Scholarship

    • Financial need
    • ELL designation
    • Mother under 18 years of age at child’s birth
    • Child’s birth weight under 5 pounds (doctor verified)
    • Child has special education verification (IEP)
    • Child is a foster child or ward of the court (legal documentation required)
    • Child demonstrates academic/readiness need

3.  Questions/Concerns

If you have concerns about your child's development, please call (402)715-8302  or email 

Traditional Preschool Rates:  Remaining spots may be available for parent pay children:    ½ day tuition $198/mo; full day tuition $396/mo

If you are ready to apply for the Traditional Preschool, please click the link below.

Preschool Applicaton