Crisis, Emergency and Prevention


School Messenger
School Newsletters
Social Media
Website (district and building)

Student Support/Enrichment

40 Developmental Assets
HAL Field Trips and Activities
Home Visits
School Events
  • One School One Book
  • Music Performances
  • Field Day
School Support Staff
School Improvement Teams
School Wide Activities

Student Recognition Programs
  • Honors Table
  • Talent Show
Study Center
Team Days

Student Behavioral Supports

Behavior Management Program
Restraint and Seclusion (CPI
Structured Behavior Skill Program
Student Attendance and Academic Progress
  • Attendance Collaborative Plans
  • GOAL
  • Truancy Referral 


Concussion Monitoring
Food Service
  • Fuel Up to Play
Health Curriculum
School Nurse
  • Health Plans

Community Collaboration/ Involvement

Community Service/Partnership
County Attorney Truancy Referrals
Kindness Retreat
Probation/Parole Officers


Parent Partner Day
Parent Visits
Story Time

Social Emotional Supports

After School Supports
Boys Town Hotline Number
Connections/Project Harmony
CPS Referrals and Procedures (DHHS)
District Crisis Team
In-School Student Support
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Referral Resources

School Safety

Emergency Procedures and Practice Skills
  1. Evacuation Drills
  2. Safe Response Protocol
  3. School Wide Safety Signs
  4. Tornado Drills
Safe School Hotline
Safety Roundtable

Student/Family Engagement

District offered parent classes, family groups
Parent volunteers
Science Fair
Student led conferences
SITE plan

Staff/Professional Development & Support

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Project Harmony Trainings
Millard Intervention Model (MIM)