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Return to Learn Progression 


Suspected head injury occurs at school, 
school activity or school event.

Injury occurs outside of school setting

When a head injury occurs, the school nurse, CMA/CNA,  administrator, coach 
or athletic trainer is notified of the injury.

 Parent/guardian(s) notifies school health office of the confirmation of the student's concussion. School will provide the Return to Learn (RTL) form to be completed the parent/guardian and returned to the school's health office.

School staff contacts parent/guardian to inform them of the suspected head injury. The school staff will encourage medical treatment if a concussion is suspected. The school staff will send the parent/guardian the MPS Return to Learn and Play email. 

Building Concussion Management Team (CMT) notifies the student's teachers of the student condition

CMT Assesses the student's needs and implements the Gradual Return to Learn Progression.
 School nurse meets with student to review post concussion symptom checklist. The school nurse will reports to the CMT. CMT will determine if the student needs to remain on the Return to Learn Process or if current interventions need to be modified. 

Family and CMT agree that the student is symptom free and function is "back to normal in the classroom".

Parent/Gurdian(s) provide School Health Professionals with written clearance from the student's health care provider.
In the event that a parent/guardian(s) do not wish to obtain a written clearance from the student's health care provider, the district may request a written release from the parent/guardian(s)

Student is released from the RTL Process. If the student participates in the school athletics/activities, the Return to Play Process may begin.