Awareness Procedures for Students

How often will the screener be administered to students?
  • All K-12 students will be screened once each school year.

When will schools screen students?
  • Elementary -Elementary schools will screen students through their counseling lessons during October.
  • Middle - Middle level schools will screen students during first semester.
  • High - High schools will screen students during first semester.  

When will make-up sessions occur?
  • Make up sessions will be held for any students who may be absent on the day the screener/lesson is presented in their classroom.   Any student who moves into the district after the screener/lesson has been presented will be given the screener/lesson at an appropriate time based on their counselor’s discretion. All absent students and move-ins will be provided a hotline card with a letter explaining it’s purpose.

ACP Students
  • Alternative Curriculum Program students may require the use of a more developmentally appropriate curriculum.   The appropriate school psychologist will collaborate with counselors to determine best practices for these students.

What video resources will be used?

  • None
  • “Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic”
  • “Look, Listen, Link”
  • Kyler Erickson
  • TobyMac Speak Life
  • Always Tell Someone


  • “Empty Seat PSA”
  • Mayo Clinic “Teen Suicide Prevention”
  • Blink 182 “Adam’s Song”
  • Kyler Erickson